How Bird Control Companies Improve Your Home

In this article we will discuss how bird control companies help keep the nuisance of bird problems away from your home through improvement and measures to deter them from coming near. Some common and affordable ways to protect your home from bird pests include spike trapping, bird slides, and bird wire. These are all effective and relatively affordable methods to help improve your bird problems.

Firstly, let’s discuss spike traps. These are pretty self explanatory in that they are just small steel beams attached to surfaces where birds like to land. Take your window ledge for example. Installing spike traps on this will deter the birds from landing on that surface due to the fact that they could see it as quite a dangerous place to land, potentially harming them. Fortunately, these are very rarely dangerous because the birds will avoid them, which is exactly what you want!

Another great method and not so aesthetically intrusive is a simple bird slide. These can be quite small and are usually angled at a 45-60 degree angle that that when a bird tries to land on them, they won’t be able to grip it properly and so would have to find somewhere else to land. They are quite effective because of how simple, yet barely noticable they are. They don’t make your ledges look like a prison barrier!

Finally, the last common home improvement is bird wire. Again, this is a fairly simple and straightforward method that just aims to create and unstable landing place for the birds. It is useful because they are low profile and barely noticable much like the bird slides.

In conclusion, the above methods such as bird traps, bird slides and bird wire are all great preventative measures to your bird problems and bird companies often use these to help with the pests!